Our 40th Anniversary Year in Review

A Challenge

We kicked off our 40th Anniversary year in December 2022 at our Annual Meeting and Holiday Luncheon. Our speaker that day gave a presentation on paper marbling. He also provided pieces of marbled fabric to members. The goal was to select a piece of fabric and embellish it with embroidery. Then the embroidered and marbled fabric would be brought to the 2023 Annual Meeting and Holiday Luncheon.

Spring Luncheon

We asked members to bring in to pieces of their embroidery to the Spring Luncheon. The first piece was an early embroidery project and the second was a recent project. Have fun looking through all the projects in the carousel below.

Guild Wall Exhibit at the Minnesota Textile Center

Between May 2, 2023 and July 20, 2023 St. Paul Needleworkers work was exhibited at the Minnesota Textile Center. This 40th Anniversary celebration of SPN’s work on Textile Center’s Guild Wall features work done by many of the guild’s members, both longtime and new. Myriad stitches and knots, threads, yarns, and ribbons abound in celebration of the traditions and technical mastery of needlework that take numerous forms, from pillows to ornaments to samplers to artworks for the wall.

Photos of the exhibit can be found at this Textile Center blog post.

Annual Retreat

We learned how to marble paper on day one of our annual retreat in September. We also had the opportunity to marble some fabric and a silk scarf. On day two we made a box with a piece of paper we marbled on the first day.

Challenge Results

There were six members who submitted pieces for the marbled fabric challenge. Click through the carousel below to see all the pieces. Which one is your favorite?