Fall Leaves Outreach Project

The “Fall Leaves” project was launched at the October 2023 meetings. The project is to do surface stitching on two leaf shaped felt pieces then stitch the two together with a blanket or overcast stitch. This makes the leaves pretty on both sides! The goal is to have 100 or more leaves ready to present to a senior living community to be used for door decorations in time for next fall. Pattern outlines can be downloaded here. Materials will be available at meetings or you may use your own stash of materials.

Special directions: Cut 2 of the same leaf from any color of felt. Using #5 perle cotton (floss may be used), surface stitch the veins on the leaves (stem, outline, running stitches are suggested, but others can be used.). NOTE: watch to be sure you stitch the correct sides of the leaves, as they are not symmetrical!

When both leaves have veins stitched, put the two wrong sides together and blanket stitch (or overcast, whipstitch) the leaves together. At the “base of the leaf”, create a 3 - 4 inch loop for hanging. Finish off your stitching. Bring your finished leaves to any meeting to add to the SPN collection. Thank you for your participation.