St. Paul Needleworkers EGA Chapter of The Embroiderers' Guild of America, Inc

Objective: St. Paul Needleworkers EGA, shall foster the highest standards of excellence in the practice of the art of embroidery through an active program of education and study and preserve the heritage of the art of embroidery.

Membership: Membership includes membership in The Embroiderers' Guild of America, Inc., Heartland Region EGA, and St. Paul Needleworkers EGA.

Membership is open to all embroiderers -beginners to advanced, amateur to professional.

Annual Membership Dues: $52.00 (EGA $39.00, HR $ 2.00, SPN $11.00). The membership year is June 1 - May 31. The Membership forms for both renewing and new members can be downloaded here.

Renewing Members - To allow time for processing and to avoid any interruption in your membership, please submit your renewal to the current Membership Chair no later than April 30.

New Members - Dues may be pro-rated based on when you join:

    • January 1-March 31 -- 25% of annual dues; $13.00 (EGA $9.75, HR $ .50, SPN $2.75)- Next due date- May 31 of current year.

    • April 1 - June 30 -- 100% of annual dues: $52.00 (EGA $39, HR $2, SPN $11)- Next due date- May 31 of next year.

    • July 1 - September 30 -- 75% of annual dues: $39.00 (EGA $29.25, HR $1.50, SPN $8.25) Next due date - May 31 of next year.

    • Oct 1 - December 31 - 50% of annual dues: $26.00 (EGA $19.50, HR $1, SPN $5.50) Next due date - May 31 of next year.

Membership includes:

    • Six issues of St. Paul Needleworkers newsletter, Needle News

    • SPN Monthly meetings are generally on the first Tuesday at 10:00 AM and the third Monday at 7:00 PM. Any exceptions are noted on the calendar in the newsletter and on this website.

    • Special activities such as a Saturday Stitch-In and Annual weekend retreats.

    • Four issues of NeedleArts magazine.

    • Opportunity to take EGA Group and/or Individual Correspondence Courses and Online Classes

    • Opportunity to attend the EGA Annual National Seminar and other national events

    • Access to EGA National Library, Certification Programs, Scholarships

    • Heartland Region Spring and Fall meetings with programs.

    • Library Privileges at the Textile Center

    • See Links on Home Page for other opportunities.

Membership can be renewed or new members can join online with a credit card at or to pay by check membership forms are available on the Forms and Documents page.